Born Tough Fitness Clothing

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Years ago, I was asked to speak at a local elementary school for “Career Day.”

I was speaking to a group of 1st graders and I was following an Air Force recruiter decked out in sharp-looking dress blues. I walk in wearing a nice fitness outfit of shorts and a sweat-wicking t-shirt. Within moments of beginning to speak to the students about working fitness, a girl in the back put up her hand. I called on her.

With a quizzical look on her face, she said “You dress like my dad on the weekends.” I laughed, the teacher got slightly embarrassed, and a few of the other kids expressed agreement.

It was then that I realized one of the side benefits of working in fitness. You get to dress in comfortable yet functional gear all day long.

I am always on the lookout for reasonably-priced, sharp-looking, and technically functional fitness gear. I will be demo-ing some Born Tough clothing soon and will let you know how it is working out for me in my workouts. They also make clothing for MMA fighters, but I will be sampling the Born Tough line.

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