Funtensity = Fun + Intensity

It is moving in ways that are fun, engaging, and at the same time challenging. It reverses the widespread negativity surrounding exercise and physical activity.

Intensity creates change in the body – fun creates change of the mind.
This is mind-body fitness for everyone!

A simple truth of the human experience is that we make decisions mostly based on emotion. And this is why fitness can be so difficult.

We don’t like it.

We don’t enjoy it.

So we force ourselves to do it. And we eventually stop.

What makes Funtensity go? There are four elements:

  1. Physical Activity: using reactivity, coordination, interactivity, and a little gamification
  2. Emotion & Enjoyment: we make decisions based on emotion so Funtensity changes how you feel about moving
  3. Brain Health: think better now and keep your brain healthy long-term
  4. Willpower: Why we have it, how to save it, and when to use it

It is brain science applied in user-friendly ways to feel better now, get a fit body, and a brain that lasts.

The 2 Big Benefits:

  • SHORT-TERM: An immediate positive shift in mood, mindset, and motivation through a fun, enjoyable exercise experience.
  • LONG-TERM: Enhanced brain health through the use of specific elements shown to enhance various elements of brain function and protect against brain disease.
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