Ignite Talk: "You Don't Have to Love Exercise; Just Get a Crush on It"

Jonathan was invited to speak at an Ignite Talk event - Ignite Annapolis 4. Ignite talks are TED-style talks lasting 5-minutes with automatic slide changes every 15 seconds.

Time flies when you are having fun, and this is why workouts seem to take too much of your time. Jonathan reveals the big flaw in the way the fitness industry presents itself and a subtle, sublime and powerful way to transform your perspective of what fitness is to enjoy it more now and build a healthier brain that lasts longer!

Plus, he throws a rubber chicken into the audience - not to be missed!

It was a delight to share, but also to see the talks of others. There is something terrific about being in the presence of people that have that magical combination of passion and expertise. When you witness them sharing something they are great at with passion, you can get interested. Enthusiasm pulls you in.

Below are some photos from the talk. So much fun...