Hire My Brain to Enhance Yours!

Get results from a single workout with Brain-Based Fitness Coaching. You cannot change your body in a single workout, but you can change your mind.

  • What if there was something better than brain games?
  • What if there was something even better for you than traditional fitness training/coaching?
  • What if you had a fitness and physical activity plan tailored to both your brain-health and your fitness needs?

Brain-Based Fitness Coaching gets you fit while thinking more clearly and positively while building a brain that lasts!

If traditional fitness bores you, if you want a brain that is sharper now and stays that way for longer, and if you want to actually enjoy the experience of getting fit, then this personalized approach is for you.

Fitness to get just your body in shape is so last century.
Integrating body and brain fitness is the future - and it makes today better!
Intensity creates change of the body – fun creates change of the mind. This is mind-body fitness for everyone!

Here’s what you get with Brain-Based Fitness Coaching:

  1. Enjoy Physical Activity: using reactivity, coordination, and interactivity. better. When you move, it is good for you body. when you think and move, it benefits your body and brain in synergistic ways that are impossible to derive from brain training or fitness training alone.
  2. BOTTOM LINE: You will discover how to do familiar exercises in a way that makes them enjoyable as well as learn some new techniques that will thrill you.

  3. Emotion & Enjoyment: If it’s fun you will do it more often and put more into it. You don’t really hate physical activity, you just dislike the awful notion of “fitness” that the fitness industry has sold for decades. It just doesn’t work for you. There are no fish born that naturally hate water. You will get a fitness plan and a physical activity to plan to transform your perception of both.
    BOTTOM LINE: Transform the way you move to transform how you feel about movement. LIke the old saying (sort of) goes..."love what you do and you will never work(out) a day in your life!
  4. Brain Health: the time to focus on it is before you need to focus on it.Using the current understanding of how specific types of movement affect cognitive function, you can enhance your brain now while building brain resiliency for tomorrow and for ten years from now. All exercise is good for the brain, but the right type of exercise, like what you experience with this approach – is far better for the brain and helps protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (which are not primarily caused by genetics.)
    BOTTOM LINE: Brain-based fitness coaching shifts brain chemistry positively now and protects your brain in the future.

The Bottom Bottom Line

It is fun yet challenging.
It is challenging yet inspiring.
It is inspiring yet changes your life by integrating into your life instead of taking it over.

Get Started.

  1. Contact Jonathan to discuss specifics of scheduling, location options and how it all works. (We can do it in person or remotely via Zoom, Facetime or Skype.)
  2. Complete your New Client Forms and Questionnaires and return to Jonathan.
  3. Get ready for a brain and body transforming experience!