Jonathan Ross
Chief Funtensity Officer

I Never Worked Out, Yet Exercised All the Time

I wasn’t into exercise as a kid. What kid is? Actually, I exercised all the time, I just didn’t realize it.

In winter, I had snowball fights, built snow forts, snowmen, went sledding, shoveled snow, cleaned off cars, went ice skating, etc.

In fall, spring, and summer, I ran through sprinklers, used a slip-n-slide, sprinted to the ice cream truck, went bike riding, played war/Star Wars, had squirt gun battles, water balloon fights, played Frisbee, lawn darts, football, soccer, king-of-the-hill, and probably endless other things I am forgetting.

I remember how I would be lost in the fun and not realize how tired I was or how hard I was working until I stopped. I was so lost in the fun, I didn’t notice the effort.
I also grew up in an obese house hold.

800 Pounds of Parents

How do you go from 800 pounds of parents to a successful fitness career? By paying attention to the little things.

At the time of my father’s death, he weighed 424 pounds (192 kg) and my mother weighed 370 pounds (168 kg). My father’s death from his poor lifestyle choices sparked my career as a fitness professional. My mother has since lost 170 pounds and gotten her life back. And more importantly, she’s having fun again.

Kids Play; Adults Workout

And now we’re back to childhood experiences. Running around like crazy outside, getting tired, all while having the time of my life. Quite a contrast to adults forcing themselves through unenjoyable workouts.

Funtensity is the solution for the majority of people. The majority don’t like and will never stick with the traditional notion of exercise. That’s because it’s designed for the minority of people who enjoy that approach to fitness.

Funtensity puts a smile on your face while moving and that creates a desire to do more.

Brain Science is a hot topic - Funtensity did the homework for you

There is over 10 years of study of brain health and behavior supporting the Funtensity methodology. We figured out how to practically apply it so you don't get bogged down in the complicated science. When you combine the long-term benefit to brain health with the fun inherent in this style of fitness you win now AND later.

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