Funtensity is designed for the 80% of people who will never enjoy the popular notion of fitness. But the other 20% also enjoy it.

The 80% come for the fun. The 20% come for the intensity. Everyone stays for the Funtensity.

I had no idea things would end up like this.

Oddly enough, the near-decade journey resulting in Funtensity started with an interest in the causes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

My brain just started getting interested in The Brain. It became aware of itself and got curious.

This interest grew and combined with my “800 Pounds of Parents” family history, it led to a connection between how our perceptions, attitudes, and feelings about fitness determine whether we stick with it.

A career as an award-winning fitness professional had taught me that the best programs and concepts are useless if they are not welcomed into your life.

Preventing brain disease led to further study of willpower and the discovery that we make most of our decisions based on emotion.

Along the way, I learned that our brains are problem-solving tools, and that for most of our history, we solved those problems by moving.

I began inserting “cognitive challenges” into the workouts I led (e.g., move left if I call out an odd number; right if even.) I noticed how people would smile, laugh, and playfully complain about having to “do math” while they exercised.

The smile is the magic.

I saw how engaging the mind during exercise changed the emotional response to exercise. To say a light bulb went off in my head would be an understatement. More like a supernova. (Did I mention I have an Astronomy degree?)

A lifetime of living and with working with obesity combined with this newfound knowledge for transforming the exercise experience combined to create Funtensity.

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