• What if there was something to help you figure out a user-friendly, practical, fun way to help you apply all of the brain science popularized in the media recently?
  • What if you could easily begin creating exercises that make people want more?
  • What if you put a smile on people’s faces while they work hard physically?

The one-day Funtensity workshop gives you the ability to do all of this and more…Become a professional of fun.

Funtensity reverses the widespread negativity surrounding exercise and physical activity.
Intensity creates change of the body – fun creates change of the mind. This is mind-body fitness for everyone!

A simple truth of the human experience is that we make decisions mostly based on emotion. And this is why fitness can be so difficult.

We don’t like it. We don’t enjoy it. So we have to force ourselves to do it. And we eventually stop.

Sign-up for a day of Funtensity training and discover:

  1. Physical Activity: using reactivity, coordination, interactivity, and a little gamification. Applicable both to workouts and physical activity outside of exercise. Make bootcamps and training sessions more enjoyable and more intense. A bonus is that this style of exercise is ideal for obstacle-course-race (OCR) training as well. When people are focused on play, they work harder without you asking them to.
  2. BOTTOM LINE: Funtensity shows you clever and creative ways to make movement engaging

  3. Emotion & Enjoyment: we make decisions based on emotion so Funtensity changes how you feel about moving. The reason people struggle to exercise consistently or even get moving in basic ways is that they don’t enjoy it. This is a learned response. No one naturally hates physical activity. There are no fish born hating water. It is essential to life. Anything learned can be unlearned.
    BOTTOM LINE: Funtensity immediately enhances the emotional response to movement
  4. Brain Health: think better now and keep your brain healthy long-term. Experience an expanded sense of hope and possibility in the immediate aftermath of a Funtensity experience. Long-term, experience better brain health. All exercise is good for the brain, but the right type of exercise, including the Funtensity type – is far better for the brain and helps protect against future neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which are NOT primarily genetic diseases.
    BOTTOM LINE: Funtensity shifts brain chemistry positively now and protects your brain in the future
  5. Willpower: Why we have it, how to save it, and when to use it.
    If you’re using willpower to exercise, you’re doing it wrong. Discover tips for saving willpower, training willpower like a muscle and how to use it for the occasional things of life.
    BOTTOM LINE: Funtensity helps you unleash your willpower.

    Plus, you get a free Funtensity Rubber Chicken when you attend the workshop.

If there is not a location near you, be sure to sign up for the e-mail subscriber list to be notified of new workshops as they are added.

  • If you are a fitness professional: You will also receive 6 hours of CECs from ACE.
  • If you are not a fitness professional: You will end the confusion and frustration of why it is so hard to stick with physical activity and discover how to make it stick for a lifetime and leave with a newfound hope that the next time you start exercise will be the last time since you’ll never stop.

If you are interested in hosting a private Funtensity workshop for your organization, contact Jonathan to get order details.

If you are interested in a Funtensity-themed presentation or workout, go here.

Lose yourself in play to find yourself in fitness.

Fitness needs to be intense enough to get results, yet enjoyable enough to create a desire to do it. Most people don’t enjoy the traditional approach to fitness. And they never will.

That’s where Funtensity comes in. It is the practical application of cutting-edge brain science. Funtensity teaches you how to transform the emotional experience of exercise forever, making it less like a chore and more fun.

A single day will change the way you deliver fitness. There are 4 main parts and by the end of the day, you will have discovered:

  • Willpower: What it is, why we have it, and how to save it.
  • Funtensity workout: Use reactivity, coordination, and interactivity to forever change “exercise”
  • Brain Science: how Funtensity-style exercise enhances brain function now and future brain health
  • Emotion-Based Decision Making: You don’t have to love exercise, but you do have to at least get a crush on it
  • Experience all of the above (and get 6 hours of CECs from ACE)

    Locations and Dates

    Live In-Person One-Day Workshops are currently on hold. In place of this, Funtensity offers customized, one-on-one 2-hour training to help you integrate this methodology into your professional fitness services (one-on-one, small group, or virtual training). You get the same information as the full one-day workshop streamlined to help you begin using the Funtensity methodology quickly and succeffully.