“Look, the rubber chicken guy is here again.”

When I started the first Funtensity workout class in 2014, I knew I would use some non-traditional fitness equipment but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I asked the Kids Fitness Director at the club if I could raid the storage closet in the kid’s fitness room. That’s when I saw them – the bucket of rubber chickens.

Something just clicked and I knew I had to include them in the workout somehow. And the hashtag #ThereMightBeChickens was born. And now the #FuntensityChicken is a mainstay of Funtensity workouts everywhere.

As I started delivering Funtensity workouts around the world, I would return to an event I had been to the year before, and that’s when I heard “The rubber chicken guy is here again.” This comment was made by a repeat attendee who had been there the year before. I realized at that moment that the rubber chicken represents something significant.

The rubber chicken has become the representation of having serious fun while working seriously hard, but not taking anything too seriously.

And this is the magic formula for fitness.

Fitness is typically presented in a way that turns off most of the population. Funtensity changes that. It puts a smile on your face while you are lost in play and friendly competition with yourself and others using your brain in fun and creative ways.

Funtensity helps you lose yourself in play to find yourself in fitness.

The rubber chicken is about as far as you can get from what most people think fitness is. And that’s why it has become the unofficial mascot of Funtensity.

You receive one free Funtensity Rubber Chicken for each registration at the one-day Funtensity workshop and additonal chickens are available for purchase.