I love partner exercises that are more fun than machines.

Michelle, age 51

In other workouts, it's "Ugh.." but in Funtensity it's "Ooh, I get to play with rubber chickens!"

Oriana, age 17

You're working hard, but not thinking about working hard."

Audrey, age 38

Funtensity Fitness Class Schedule
Small Group Training

Funtensity – with Jonathan Ross
Wednesdays @ 10:30 AM
Sport Fit Total Fitness Club in Bowie, MD

Fee per class: $20 (members); $30 (non-members)
4-Class Voucher: $60 (members); $100 (non-members)

NEW - Funtensity with Jonathan Ross at Annapolis Athletic Club, Annapolis, MD
Funtensity workouts starting in 2018 - schedule to follow.
Free for members; non-members $25