If you need a…

  • Powerful keynote
  • Funtensity workout
  • Presentation related to brain health, willpower, and other Funtensity topics

…we can start planning it here.

Individual Funtensity sessions on the four main topics are available. Either see the calendar below or to set one up just for you. The four main Funtensity topics are as follows:

  1. "Funtensity workout” (sometimes listed as “Funtensity Bootcamp”)
  2. Unleash Your Willpower
  3. Keep Your Brain Buff
  4. Emotion in Motion


Schedule of Speaking Events

Funtensity One-Day Workshops

Funtensity Workout Classes

Funtensity Workout (Wednesdays 9:15 AM at
One - Physical Therapy, Fitness & Wellness in Annapolis, MD
$16 Single Class; 10 classes for $140

>>> Get a glimpse of what the workout is like in this 360-degree video

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