Who is Funtensity? You are, really.

Funtensity is simply a seed. You are the soil and the gardener. Funtensity is nothing if it just comes from me. If you take it, run with it, use it, create new ways to mix fun with movement, it can become something powerful.

You and me – together we are Funtensity. Anything you do, post, or share that is Funtensity-related, use one of our hashtags so we can find you and see what you're creating.





Funtensity is designed for the 80% of people who will never enjoy the popular notion of fitness. But the other 20% also love it.

The 80% come for the fun. The 20% come for the intensity. Everyone stays for the Funtensity.

Intensity changes your body. Fun changes your mind. Fun makes you come back for more.

You can’t change your body in a single workout, but you can change how you think and feel about physical activity from a single experience.

Your Moments of Funtensity

When you start inserting fun moments into everything physical – bouncing a ball while taking a walk or kicking a pebble along with you – physical activity starts to become linked to positive emotions in your brain. And this changes how you feel about physical activity.

Funtensity plants a seed. If you nurture that seed it will grow into something far larger and more powerful than I could ever create. Without you embracing the idea, the seed can’t grow.

You are Funtensity. The endless ways you come up with to merge the fun and the physical are essential to spreading the Funtensity.

Whatever you’re doing, the Funtensity community wants to see it.

Use our hashtags.

Use our rubber chicken, or whatever you like.

Use our ideas in small or big ways

Use our social media sites.

Share what you’re doing, what you’re creating, and how you’re enjoying it.

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