Fun is a Feeling, Not an Activity

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“Yes! She gets it.” 

That’s what I was saying to myself watching a spot-on TED talk about fun.

Fun is a feeling, not an activity. 

When asked to describe “fun,” many people list an activity like their favorite sport or dancing. But you might hate dancing, board games, or snowboarding.

True Fun is the confluence of playfulness, connection, and flow.

  • Playfulness = doing things for the sake of doing them
  • Connection = shared experiences (people’s descriptions of the most fun experiences they have had are most often shared with others – and this is even true of introverts!)
  • Flow = engagement and focus cause us to lose track of time

That feeling is what is most often missing from fitness.  And it’s practically a foundational belief of the Funtensity approach to fitness.

Life drains us. Fun fills us up.

Fun unites us. 

Fun is a distillation of life’s energy.

Fun is not a result of human thriving; it is a cause.

Give yourself permission to get a kick out of your own life.

Go get yourself a physical challenge (to provide fitness) that also delivers the experience of playfulness, connection, and flow. 

Check @Funtensity social channels for some video ideas or YouTube.

[And if you want to check out that TED talk, here it is.]

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