Slacktivity Trackers

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Trackers don’t stop slackers. If they create a sense of discovery that enhances the experience of being you, wonderful. If they reinforce the notion that you’re never doing “enough” then they suck. It all depends on you.

Exciting Back Page News!

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Exciting Back Page News! A teensy-weensy benefit from a drug to treat brain disease is treated like the moon landing. Big benefit from fitness is usually buried in the back pages, but it’s actually the bigger news. 6-minute HIIT workout boosts BDNF more than 90-minute light intensity, and more than intermittent fasting, and certainly more than Lecanemab.

Take 3 Months Not Off

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Alzheimer’s doesn’t come out of nowhere – it comes out of everywhere. I had to go on hiatus from this blog to work on a big brain fitness and Alzheimer’s project that is coming soon.

Maybe Rip Was Onto Something

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The idea of drinking alcohol & sleeping 20 years away – or at least the year 2020 away – has probably never seemed more appealing. With more time at home than ever before, there’s never been a better time to organize your day around your chronotype so you can avoid idiotic programs like the “5 AM Club” and stop forcing yourself to get up early if it does not fit your biology.

Baby's face that appears to be drunk

Lose Some Snooze; Feel Like You’ve Boozed

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“You snooze you lose” has never made much sense to me.  There are few feelings better than the feeling of being well-rested.  If you’ve ever had a few days of not getting enough sleep and then you get enough, it can feel like a performance-enhancing drug. Sleep Deprived or Drunk? As little as 17 hours […]

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Sleep Like an Elephant; Look Like an Elephant

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Elephants need only 3-4 hours of sleep a night, while mice sleep 14 hours.  Humans are somewhere in the middle, but some of us push it and try to get by on “elephant sleep.”  Funtensity is about optimal brain function now and brain fitness later. And sleep is an essential part of achieving that. The […]