Go Clock Yourself

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Daylight Savings Time. Instead of complaining about it like everyone else, let’s use the idea of a clock face to create 4 new exercises you can use to expertly blend brain and body fitness. Use Timed Sets These exercises work best using time-based sets rather than reps. With all of the clock numbers bouncing around […]

Foam Roller…Workout?

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Usually used as a recovery tool…what if we used it for a fun, challenging workout? They are everywhere, so why not use them for (almost) everything? This workout provides a novel, fun, harder-than-you-think it-will-be workout you can do anywhere you have a roller.

Partner medicine ball exercise from Funtensity at Telluride WOW 2018

All Exercise is Not Created Equal

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This is fascinating. What’s the best type of exercise? The answer depends on your goals.  If the focus is longevity, then a recent study presents some fascinating findings. There are significant differences in longevity based on the type of exercise you do.The total amount of time spent exercising is not as important as we think. […]