There’s No Health at This Size

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There is no health at ANY size. Trading one type of harm (fat shaming) for another (pretending obesity isn’t unhealthy) is not progress. Nutrition influencers are finally getting exposed for the frauds they are, and we can all hopefully get back to the simple basics.

Have a Glass of Diabetes?

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Make health behaviors easier by keeping them in-the-moment and front-of-mind. How to use cognitive reframing to either enjoy a few drinks when you want to and say “no” to a ‘glass of diabetes’ when you don’t want to.

Smaller Seats for Health & Safety

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There is growing pressure on the airline industry from consumer advocacy groups to make airline seats bigger due to safety concerns.  The seats on airplanes have gotten a bit smaller but our bodies have gotten significantly bigger. The average weight of both men and women is 30 pounds greater than in the 1960s – and […]

Superfoods or Superfitness?

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There are no superfoods. But there are SuperVillian Foods. We created them in a lab. “Superfoods” are just the normal, healthy foods we have consumed for all of human history. They have no superpowers and have difficulty balancing out the damage from SuperVillian Foods.

Cinder-Block - the internet's recently famous fat cat

Fat Cat…or “Feline Struggling with Obesity?”

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Obesity is a problem, no matter what you call it and regardless if it is a cat, dog, or human. It used to be that “no one cares what you say until they know how much you care.” Now no one cares how much you care unless they have no problem with how you say it. Cinder-Block the Fat Cat creates some valuable and frank discussion about obesity.

Zero-Second Rule Diet

The Zero-Second Rule Diet

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The 5-second rule works (not really though) for hard junk foods. A Zero-Second diet should lead you toward healthier food options since most healthy foods would pick up a lot of gross stuff if it touched the floor at all.

Halloween Candy Alternatives for Health

The Great Halloween Problem Solved!

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I love this time of year.  How could you not?  Crisp fall air, changing leaves, and Halloween on the way.  It’s the only time of year that it is acceptable to decorate with skulls and play heavy music!  It’s so much fun. When I began my fitness career, I really struggled with Halloween.  It is […]

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Taste has by far the most direct connection to your body’s reward system. It is hardwired to brain cells that respond to pleasure and prompts the strongest emotional response. Funtensity is about using our ever-growing understanding of the brain to live lives where what we enjoy is also what is good for us and what […]