Twenty-Nineteen. Feel 18.

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Funtensity Jump for Joy

Have more physical fun in the coming year. Get your heart rate up while you lift your spirits up.

A panel at the Future of Aging conference has said making play possible throughout the life course could play a “vital role” in alleviating detriment to physical and mental health in the aged.

Janet Morrison, CEO of Independent Age argued that “fun activities” – such as physical activity – should not be limited by chronological age.

Riiiight.  Nobody would argue with this.  The Problem?  Most people don’t view “physical activity” as a “fun activity.”

You can lead that change.

Not just in exercise. In all 24 hours of the day. Look for ways to make physical activity fun again. Be silly. Be playful. Show the people in your life that movement can be fun – whether it is exercise or not – and that the more frequently you do it, the better you will feel.  Here are some ideas in short videos called “The Walking Games.”

Those super-confusing and unhelpful U.S. government guidelines for physical activity even made some progress on this by changing to reflect the fact that you can get benefit even from a short bout of physical activity.

Make it the year of the rubber chicken.  Or the year of the Walking GamesMake Twenty-Nineteen the year you feel 18 again – at least in spirit!

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