#FuntensityChallenge 1

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Funtensity Challenge - Side Lunge Catch

Let the challenges begin!  This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of exercises to unify brain science and fitness training.  Each challenge will feature some combination of reactivity, coordination, interactivity, and friendly competition – the key elements of Funtensity.  The challenges will appear on the Funtensity social media platforms and YouTube channel and use the hashtag #funtensitychallenge. 

First up?  The Side Lunge Catch

Choose your weapon – chicken, ball, or kettlebell. 10 reps per side.  Post it and tag @funtensity and #funtensitychallenge.  When you post, tag one other person you are nominating to try it AND specify what you’d like them to catch.  There are a lot more options than the three I showed in the video.   🧠🐔💪

3 options for the Side Lunge Catch Funtensity Challenge

Technique & Tips

  • Perform a side lunge with a catch and reach using the opposite hand.  The Reactivity and Coordination sharpens focus. 
  • A lighter object is harder to control precisely. An oddly shaped object (like the Funtensity Rubber Chicken) provides variable tactile catching opportunities. 
  • A heavier object requires more energy but is easier to control, and interestingly, makes it easier to feel which muscles are working – more weight equals more deceleration loading of muscles. 
  • As with all lunges and squats, make your “booty the boss” and initiate the movement with the hips.
  • The cross-body reach enhances the glute activity on catching (and the heavier the item you use, the more glute work you get.)

In the video, I’m first using a lightweight object – the Funtensity Rubber Chicken, then a medium weight object – a 6-pound Soft Touch Medicine Ball from Power Systems, and finally a heavier object – a 20-pound kettlebell.

Future challenges will appear on Funtensity social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and on the Funtensity YouTube channel so be sure to follow and subscribe.

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