Limited Vocabulary

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When my daughter was about 8, she began playing with a magnet word set that somehow found its way into our house. 

The photo above is what she came up with.  It was on the side and bottom of the fridge so it stayed there for several years and we would occasionally read it aloud to each other and pretend it was at once the most incoherent yet somehow still powerfully motivating halftime speech.

What if, when thinking or talking about fitness, you only had positive, motivating, or inspirational words available to you?  If you were freed of the common negative emotional context and drudgery surrounding exercise, how would you talk about it?

If you could somehow delete the negative words from your vocabulary in describing fitness all you would have left are variations on a powerfully positive message of self-talk. 

This is possible to do. And I will show you how.

Originally planned as a live workshop for the Manhattan Jewish Community Center, I am leading a series of Zoom workshops that anyone, anywhere in the world can attend.  You can attend one or all three.

Each one will feature a short lecture followed by a workout you will follow along with. Below is an overview of the content each week.

Get details and sign up here.

Week 1 – Get a Crush on Exercise

You cannot change your body in a single workout, but you can change your mind.  You don’t have to love exercise, but you do need to at least get a crush on it for long-term success. Discover why negative emotional states when exercising limits the results from your efforts and how to elevate the emotional reaction you have to “exercise” so you are drawn to it, which makes it easier to stick with. 

Then enjoy a workout which implements these ideas – you will do some movements that are familiar but in such a way that you will access powerful, positive emotions when you do them.  

Week 2 – Play to Get Fit

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” This is why most workouts seem to take so long.  When you play you lose sense of time, you regain a feeling of hopefulness and opportunity.  Even better, when you play, you end up working harder without forcing yourself to – it happens automatically as a by-product of the play.  Discover what is going inside when you are in a play state and how you can get it in your everyday life and workouts.

Then enjoy a workout that puts this into practice with playfulness as the backdrop for every exercise. Generate sweat you can easily wipe off but a smile that you cannot and enjoy a “post-workout” glow that lasts for hours.

Week 3 – The 3 Ingredients to Build a Fit Brain and Body

All exercise is good for the brain, but specific types are better.  Get a better brain for now and later as you discover how to move in a way that is more engaging and captivating to leave you feeling more positive and thinking clearly in the short-term while building a brain that is resilient and resistant to degenerative disease long-term. Learn current thinking on what causes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and what you can do about protecting yourself against these diseases using reactivity, coordination, and interactivity.

Then experience a workout that uses features reactivity, coordination, and interactivity to experience the immediate brain-boosting effects of exercising the right way for brain health both now and in the future. 

 Get details and sign up here.

Attend any one of the workshops or all three and save.

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