Go Funtensify Yourself! Here’s how…

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There has never been a time when more people have ever been more willing to devote more resources (time, space, and money) to home fitness options. 


For decades, I have had conversations with new clients which included some version of “but I don’t have any equipment.”

Well, you do not need any equipment get fit.  But…having some around opens up more options to experience fitness – and perhaps most importantly – can make the process far more fun and engaging. 

To have an in-home workout experience in the spirit of Funtensity, you want to think about outfitting your “toy closet” of workout tools. 

What follows is my hopefully helpful list of my current top 5 recommended fitness products for home use.  (Hopefully, these items will be in stock if you are interested. With the massively increased demand for home fitness gear, some items are hard to keep in stock).

You will also find numerous free resources to get the most out of them.  I have created free complete workouts – including videos – for most of the items below.

ROX PodsArticlevideo playlist

ROX pods provide three different modes of sensory input: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  They light up, make sounds, and vibrate.  And you set them up on the floor on the wall and react by tapping them.  Big fun and a big challenge that feels like a game. 

HyperRopeArticlevideo playlist

The HyperRope allows you to perform high-intensity heavy-rope exercises but in less space, without need of an anchor point, and with a few unique exercises impossible to perform with traditional anchored ropes.  The HyperRope weighs 15 pounds and is 20-feet long yet uses approximately 6-feet of space vs. approximately 20-feet for traditional ropes making it ideal for home use.

SoftBellsArticlevideo playlist

SoftBells provide a new way to use a familiar piece of equipment – the dumbbell.  A soft dumbbell opens up many new movement opportunities, especially to move them quickly without risk of floor damage, injury, or disruptive noise or equipment damage.  (The weights can also be used to build kettlebells and barbells, too.)  Another truly ideal piece of equipment for in-home use.

Rubber Chicken

You knew this had to make the list! The rubber chicken though is truly a place holder for a stuffed animal, pillow, or anything else you have that you can toss around that will make a physical challenge just a little more fun and little more silly.  Below are some of the most popular exercises used in Funtensity workouts with the rubber chicken.

Rubber Chicken Exercises

Chicken Bucket – Instagram, Facebook

Chicken Catapult Relay Race – Instagram, Facebook

Rubber Chicken Foot Toss – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Single Leg, Single Arm Directional Toss – Instagram, Facebook (not shown with chicken, but I use the rubber chicken often in this exercise)

MostFit Core HammerArticlevideo playlist

The Core Hammer has a hard rubber head so you can strike it on concrete asphalt, or any similarly suitable, rigid surface.  You can now get sledgehammer workouts without the hammer and monster truck tire.  I get a kick out of using this in my driveway or in the street as I’m sure it entertains the neighbors having that “crazy fitness guy” next door.  (They know I’m the “rubber chicken guy” already so this really isn’t too big of a shock.)

So there you have it…How to Funtensify yourself and maybe even build a Funtenity Room in your house! 

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