Summer Fun Your Way to Fitness

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If you live in Northern Hemisphere, we are coming into summer now.  This summer, keep the emotional feeling of running through sprinklers in the front of your mind.

Remember, revisit, and recall how you felt when “fitness” meant running through sprinklers, playing hopscotch, doing cannonballs, or playing tennis, volleyball, or kayaking, etc.

Because it still means that.

Fitness is about doing what you enjoy, with the people you love, and doing it in a body that feels (relatively) good.

You might have aches.

You might have pains.

Or even the dreaded, unholy union of “aches AND pains.”

As you go through summer, think of fitness in the context of the fun stuff.

Create a weekly theme where you relive a fun summer activity from your youth.  Try something new like stand-up-paddling (my most recent summer essential fun activity).  Get back on a bike if you haven’t been in on one in years.

And why not? Run through the sprinklers again!

Capturing the emotional spirit of play and human connection should be the backdrop for most of our physical activity.

Of course, I have my workouts I do solo, but I get out and play with other people when I can.  Be sure to do some of that this summer. 

Withou you, it’s just “fn.” All that’s missing is the “u.”  So go put “you” right in the middle of “fun.”

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