Slacktivity Trackers

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Trackers don’t stop slackers. If they create a sense of discovery that enhances the experience of being you, wonderful. If they reinforce the notion that you’re never doing “enough” then they suck. It all depends on you.

Barbells, Babies, & Brain Fitness

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Babies, barbells, and brain fitness.  What’s the difference between lifting a baby or a barbell?  One is squirmy and the other is firm-y. Consider the familiar scene of someone lifting a child in the air overhead.  The human connection through physical touch and eye contact plus the sudden higher elevation and movement is very thrilling […]

Foam Roller…Workout?

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Usually used as a recovery tool…what if we used it for a fun, challenging workout? They are everywhere, so why not use them for (almost) everything? This workout provides a novel, fun, harder-than-you-think it-will-be workout you can do anywhere you have a roller.

Throwing the Funtensity Rubber Chicken with your feet into the bucket scores you points.

Exercise Breakdown: Chicken Bucket

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Time to look inside a Funtensity exercise and see just what makes it so fun and intense to do while providing a bonus boost of brain benefit. For this exercise, we use the Funtensity Rubber Chicken, a bucket (or two different size buckets) and a cone. Here’s a video that illustrates the exercise: How to […]

Would you put a Peloton bike in front of your sofa?

They Won’t Work.

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Trendy at-home fitness equipment like The Mirror, Peleton, and Hydrow are terrific fitness options but won’t do much to change the numbers on obesity. Here’s why.