One Dose of Reality = 40% Change

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What a year… The forced changes to so many aspects of everyday life have resulted in an apparent weight change for everyone. Seemingly, no one has maintained weight or fitness.  Everyone seems to have either gotten more fit and healthy, or less so. During the pandemic, 40.52% of US adults gained weight.  But in the […]

Still Pill or Thrill Pill?

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Our big fancy brains took us from all fours to walking on two legs to hunting, to farming, to sitting on our asses all day looking at screens…eliminating the very thing that caused our brains to become as advanced as they are. Movement = Anti-Dementia Pill

What Can Move Do For You?

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“Failure is not option.” I call BS. Failure is always an option.  If it were not, life would be easy. After a recent milestone birthday, combined with numerous health challenges arriving simultaneously have resulted in a bit of deeper reflection on this idea. Long ago knee injuries from sports resulted in the inevitable diagnosis of […]

We Got Up, So We Need To Keep Getting Down!

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We are our own worst enemy at times.  Walking on all fours wasn’t good enough. We had to get up on two legs to get a higher view of available resources.  It created a shift both in how we move (and use our brains to control movement) and how we process information we take in […]

Cinder-Block - the internet's recently famous fat cat

Fat Cat…or “Feline Struggling with Obesity?”

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Obesity is a problem, no matter what you call it and regardless if it is a cat, dog, or human. It used to be that “no one cares what you say until they know how much you care.” Now no one cares how much you care unless they have no problem with how you say it. Cinder-Block the Fat Cat creates some valuable and frank discussion about obesity.

Zero-Second Rule Diet

The Zero-Second Rule Diet

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The 5-second rule works (not really though) for hard junk foods. A Zero-Second diet should lead you toward healthier food options since most healthy foods would pick up a lot of gross stuff if it touched the floor at all.