Shopping at the Reality Store – 27 Years Dead

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Does it hurt your feelings or your physiology? (Time to pick up some things from the Reality Store.) High sugar intake promotes obesity…and obesity promotes dementia. “There are no bad foods” & the idea that ‘obesity’ is stigmatizing…just the latest offerings from grievance junkies doing real harm while claiming to be helping people. Twenty-seven years ago today, obesity killed my father and we didn’t care what it was called.

Baby's face that appears to be drunk

Lose Some Snooze; Feel Like You’ve Boozed

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“You snooze you lose” has never made much sense to me.  There are few feelings better than the feeling of being well-rested.  If you’ve ever had a few days of not getting enough sleep and then you get enough, it can feel like a performance-enhancing drug. Sleep Deprived or Drunk? As little as 17 hours […]

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Sleep Like an Elephant; Look Like an Elephant

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Elephants need only 3-4 hours of sleep a night, while mice sleep 14 hours.  Humans are somewhere in the middle, but some of us push it and try to get by on “elephant sleep.”  Funtensity is about optimal brain function now and brain fitness later. And sleep is an essential part of achieving that. The […]