Here Wegovy Again…

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Obesity – because we know how genes work – cannot be genetic. Wegovy and Ozempic treatments without healthy behavior change will be a disaster. Nature will push back harder than we can push it if we fail to use the new drugs as a catalyst for lifestyle change.

Smaller Seats for Health & Safety

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There is growing pressure on the airline industry from consumer advocacy groups to make airline seats bigger due to safety concerns.  The seats on airplanes have gotten a bit smaller but our bodies have gotten significantly bigger. The average weight of both men and women is 30 pounds greater than in the 1960s – and […]

Shopping at the Reality Store – 27 Years Dead

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Does it hurt your feelings or your physiology? (Time to pick up some things from the Reality Store.) High sugar intake promotes obesity…and obesity promotes dementia. “There are no bad foods” & the idea that ‘obesity’ is stigmatizing…just the latest offerings from grievance junkies doing real harm while claiming to be helping people. Twenty-seven years ago today, obesity killed my father and we didn’t care what it was called.

One Dose of Reality = 40% Change

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What a year… The forced changes to so many aspects of everyday life have resulted in an apparent weight change for everyone. Seemingly, no one has maintained weight or fitness.  Everyone seems to have either gotten more fit and healthy, or less so. During the pandemic, 40.52% of US adults gained weight.  But in the […]

We Got Up, So We Need To Keep Getting Down!

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We are our own worst enemy at times.  Walking on all fours wasn’t good enough. We had to get up on two legs to get a higher view of available resources.  It created a shift both in how we move (and use our brains to control movement) and how we process information we take in […]

Cinder-Block - the internet's recently famous fat cat

Fat Cat…or “Feline Struggling with Obesity?”

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Obesity is a problem, no matter what you call it and regardless if it is a cat, dog, or human. It used to be that “no one cares what you say until they know how much you care.” Now no one cares how much you care unless they have no problem with how you say it. Cinder-Block the Fat Cat creates some valuable and frank discussion about obesity.

Frustrated? Confused? Confrustrated?

More Exercise, More Obesity, Twice the Guidelines!

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More people than ever are obese. More people than ever are meeting government guidelines for exercise, and the government guidelines for physical activity just doubled from what they used to be.  Confused? Frustrated? Confrustrated? When I read stories about health, fitness, and obesity in the media, I understand why many people throw their hands up […]

Would you put a Peloton bike in front of your sofa?

They Won’t Work.

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Trendy at-home fitness equipment like The Mirror, Peleton, and Hydrow are terrific fitness options but won’t do much to change the numbers on obesity. Here’s why.