Human Animal or Human Vegetable?

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Animal or vegetable

Which are you?

Humans are animals – mammals – that’s for sure.  But what happens if we stop moving?

Labor-saving, energy-saving, effort-saving, attention-grabbing technology has transformed the way we spend our daily lives in the last century.Animal or Just Veg?

But we are born to move.  Without a need for activity that is directly related to survival on a day-to-day basis, it’s awfully easy to have “busy” day that doesn’t include much movement.  As a result, we  stick “exercise” back into our daily routines.  And if we don’t, the results become apparent pretty quickly in terms of poor health and loss of vitality. 

Here’s a fascinating philosophical perspective on fitness and movement and what happens to us in its absence.

While reading “Spark: The Revoltionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain,” I came across an interesting passage.

In the Chinese language, a subject is an animal, and an object is a vegetable.  As we all know, “subjects” are acted on by verbs in language.  And verbs mean action.  Subjects use verbs to act on objects.

In Chinese language, you can’t ask a vegetable to move since it is an object (and since it can’t understand language or even hear, but you get the idea.)  So if you don’t move, you are not an animal anymore – you are vegetable!

Don’t be a vegetable…buy them, cook them, eat them, enjoy them.  

And get moving, you animal!

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