Hug a Trainer Day

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Hug a Trainer Day

Hug a trainer. Really. Go find one, even if you don’t currently use one.  Show your strength and some love.  I know we can be an intimidating bunch, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s not how most trainers want to be perceived.

One of the great joys of my fitness career is having the opportunity to travel and be a fitness leader to other fitness trainers to help them get better at what they do.  And they are some of the most passionate and dedicated people you will meet. 

They Ask Me About You

I can see it in their eyes during my presentations.  They are hungry for more knowledge and ideas to help you.  They want to be better so they can make you better.  They always ask me about you.  After one of my sessions or in the halls, it always starts with, “I need your help with a client who…” and that sentence ends with some details about the challenges you face that the trainer needs help helping you with.  They want my help in helping you and I can see the dedication to you in their eyes.

However we train you, and whatever our personalities or training style, almost every trainer starts in fitness at the same place – with a desire, some would call it a need, to help people like you.  We know that whatever you do in life, it gets better and you will enjoy it more when you are fitter.  And we want to share this feeling with you.

We constantly question what we do and why we do it to get better at presenting fitness to you in such a way that you can more successfully make it a permanent part of your life.

We Are Not What You See

From the TV shows, you think we are all scary, screaming fitness monsters.  From social media, you think we are all shirtless douches taking bathroom mirror selfies.  Most of us aren’t.  Most of us are just deeply passionate.  Yes, we are sometimes intense, but life is intense and our enthusiasm comes from our desire to get you ready for it and to see you shine, not just to have you follow orders.

Hug a Trainer

I’m making today “Hug a Trainer Day.” Go find a trainer and hug one.  Bear hug, bro hug, or just a big hug.  Show your appreciation through a show of strength and love.  We are about to get super busy so need some extra support.

Trust me when I say that we give until it hurts.  We don’t want you to do what we say, we want you to change what you want to do, to absorb what we teach and to make it part of you so that you can benefit from it for the rest of your life.  The bigger your struggles have been with fitness, the stronger our desire to help you and see you succeed.  This often takes a lot out of us. 

The physical effort it takes to get in shape is a fraction of the mental and emotional energy it takes us to help you turn the corner and own it and make it part of you.  Underneath our muscles and tough façade, we are just like you.  We want the same things – the best for you. 

Go find a trainer and hug one. #hugatrainerday

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