Social “Closening”

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Funtensity workout high-5

Words are strange things. 

Consequences are not always bad…they are simply “the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier.” If you consistently exercise and eat healthy, the “consequence” is fitness.

Distances are not always large…it is simply “the extent or amount of space between two things.” Distance can be very small or large.

“Distance” is like “consequence” in that the words are neutral – devoid of any positive or negative meaning yet through repeated use in a particular way, take on an assumptive meaning.

There is a risk, with the rapid, worldwide focus on “social distancing” that the physical distance between us gets set permanently to “6-feet.” And that would be a mistake – one with bad consequences. 😊

Just like being a “germophobe” is a mistake – something also likely to increase due to current events – because overly sanitizing your world gives your immune system nothing to do so it turns on you in the form of autoimmune diseases and increases the prevalence of allergies.  Ignorance and fear give birth to germophobe thinking.

We need physical touch and human connection – high fives and hugs – to be healthy both physically and emotionally.  Babies deprived of touch experience all manner of developmental deficiencies.

When physical activity is most gratifying to us, it is because it is either done directly with people we are about or because it allows us to participate in our own lives in such a way that it enhances the bond between us and people we love.

The happiness that comes from physical activity is as much about the happiness of connection to others as it is about how it makes us feel as individuals.

Once this temporary period of keeping larger physical distances between us passes, we need to return to social closeness.  To do otherwise is to deny and ignore human nature.

We need closeness, connection, and contact. This is not a matter of opinion.  Of course, we need it safely and from people we know, like, and trust.  But it is necessary.

If we deny the thing that made us the most successful species on Earth – our ability to connect socially, including physical contact where appropriate – then we might as well deny ourselves air, water, or any other essential ingredient of life itself.  Ignorance of reality generates fear which leads to a mind susceptible to a myriad of foolish ideas – like germophobia.

Sometime soon then, we need an equally massive global movement towards “social closening.”  Funtensity will be one concept championing that truth to make it a reality again in day-to-day life. I’m counting on you to do the same.

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