Action Required

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Like me, you are seeing an increase in the number of e-mails you get with a subject that starts like this:


More often than not, it isn’t true.

But what if the “action required” were actual physical action?

And what if every day started with an “action required” blank for you to fill in.

Nothing boring or admin-related.

Actual physical action.  And no one told you what you should be doing. What you do is up to you. Because it is.

Entering each day with an “action required” mindset means you can get a little or lot, but never zero.  And that’s all your body needs.

Daily physical action.

Intensity is important, but consistency is equally important.

Anything in life that we get better at doing is because we do it regularly. Learning letters and numbers, how to play a musical instrument, or how to code software. 

We only do it well when we regularly take the “action required” on a consistent basis.

Action Required…

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